Clucker Shares

We currently care for about 60 chickens. Our chooks get to roam freely every day, foraging on grass and anything else they can find. We do provide certified organic and vegetarian laying pellets to our much loved girls to ensure they always get enough to eat and get all the nutrients and minerals they require.

If you are interested in fresh certified organic eggs delivered directly to your door (4552 area only) you might be interested in our Clucker Shares programme. For each Clucker Share we provide you with half a dozen (6) eggs each week and will deliver these eggs directly to your home or work.

To join this programme you simply decide how many eggs you’d like each week and divide this number by 6 to work out how many Clucker Shares you need. For example if you’d like one dozen (12) eggs each week you would need 2 Clucker Shares (12 / 6). Next you start a subscription with us for 2 Clucker Shares, and we take care of the rest.

Check out our Clucker Shares frequently asked questions (FAQ) for any further questions or contact us if your question isn’t covered.